The Akwakwaa Community Foundation, Inc. is a registered nonprofit headquartered in northern California. The Foundation sends monthly financial support to an orphanage and a preschool located in the poorest areas of Ghana in West Africa. There is no government support of these organizations and it is only through the Foundation’s support that they can survive.

Through partnerships with global nonprofits, and Ghanaian nonprofit, Building for the Future Generation, the Foundation is able to carry out its objectives in a clear and open manner. Please scroll down to learn more about how you can assist.

100% of your donation goes directly to support the children.

Children seated on simple outdoor messages with bowls of food in front of them


The Akwakwaa Community Foundation provides three meals a day for students and staff who live at the orphanage, and lunch for day students and teachers, but funding is stretched so thin that basic nutrition needs are not being met.

Two girls in a girls' class look up from their papers to exchange meaningful glances


Schooling for toddlers through middle-school is provided at the children’s home, for nearby village children, as well as for residents. However, there is only enough funding to pay teachers 1/10th of what starting government teachers make.

A smiling teacher holding up his goverment heath card


Although the children are in surprisingly good health, malaria is a constant threat. Government health cards are very inexpensive, but half of the home’s resident children, and all of the day students live without them.

Children at the stream fill buckets, basins and pitchers


The stream that was the orphanage’s water source dried up due to climate change. A temporary water supply from a neighbor was arranged while the Akwakwaa Community Foundation works to build a pipeline to the children’s home.

Photo of lab with children working at computers

Computer Lab

A computer lab was built and equipped by another organization, but the computer keyboards were incompatible, until the Akwakwaa Foundation stepped in to replace them. Now that the computers are usable, funding is needed for instructors.

Men pumping out a sewage pit with a large hose


Septic pits are the only sanitation option for the children’s home, as the soil is hard and dense. The pits are expensive to pump out. When they become full, the children use the jungle. This is not only unsanitary, it carries the risk of snake bites.

A woman with a blackboard teaches small children at several tables in a building with dirt floors, and a roof suspended above concrete block half walls

Smoothway Afrifaith Foundation School

The Afrifaith Foundation Preschool is a non-government school with no fixed space. The headmaster funds food and transportation for the children from his rapidly dwindling pension.

Colorful but thin wover beach mats on the concrete floor, surrounded by dirty walls


The residents of the children’s home live in single-gender dorm rooms, in the church on the orphanage property, or in village foster homes. They sleep on concrete floors, without mattresses or bedding. The dorms leak in heavy rain.

A young woman surrounded by basins of clothes and dirty water bends over a bowl of soapy clothes


Eight people besides teachers work at the orphanage, taking care of the children, cooking, cleaning, driving, and managing property and financial matters. There is volunteer housing, but no volunteers have visited yet.