Wooden tables laid out with bowls of white rice, topped with a small amount of red sauceThe 65 children living at the Orphanage are fed three meals a day. Also the orphanage workers get three meals a day. Teachers and day students get lunch. Unfortunately, at the present time the Akwakwaa Foundation can only finance 1150 GH (about $300 USD) per month for food. So about 300 individual meals are prepared on a budget of $10 per day or about $ 0.03 per meal. You read that right. Three cents per meal.

Each meal is always rice with maybe something else for flavoring. Occasionally chicken, maybe fish, sometimes fresh vegetables. Lots of yams boiled and ground into the national dish fufu. A recent inspection by the Ghana Government, Department of Childrens’ Homes, resulted in recommendations that the children receive a more varied diet.
Children seated on simple outdoor benches with bowls of food in front of them
A Swedish foundation recently financed the construction of a new kitchen (only a bottled gas stove; no refrigeration and no running water) and an adjacent dining room. The stove quickly became non-functional, forcing the workers to return to cooking outdoors with firewood. The dining room was turned into another classroom. The children continue to eat outside except during the heavy rains when they all crowd inside.

Both firewood, and bottled gas when used, cost about 100 GH ($25 USD) each per month.

Global warming has affected Ghana by significantly reducing the amount of rain, and last year delayed the start of the rainy season (read the food growing season) by a month.

Your donation would be of great assistance to improve the nutrition of the meals, thus promoting the health of the children, teachers and workers.