There are separate dorms for the girls and the boys. These dorms have concrete floors. The children use “beach mats” to sleep on. There are no beds, no bedding and no mattresses.
Colorful but thin woven beach mats on the concrete floor, surrounded by dirty walls
The girls’ dorms are three separate rooms, each holding five girls, for a total of fifteen. In addition, seven girls sleep in the church on the orphanage property, and five girls sleep in a foster home in the nearby village.

The boys’ dorms are three separate rooms holding ten, nine, and six boys, for a total of twenty five. There are no boys in the nearby village foster homes. During real heavy rains the boys sleep in the church building as they are afraid the dorm will collapse, as the roof and walls leak water extensively.
A boy's dorm, a low, stained building with a rusty corrugated iron roof

Your recent donations to the Akwakwaa Foundation have purchased clothes baskets for each child to store their clothes in. They are very happy with having a place of their own to keep their meager possessions. Please visit our Special Projects page for pictures.

Your upcoming donations to the Akwakwaa Foundation will enable the purchase of bunk beds, mattresses and bedding for each child. In addition, a soon-to-be-implemented capital campaign will raise funds to rebuild the dorm buildings.