The children’s toilets are not connected to a sewer but instead drain into large holes under the toilets. These septic pits fill every couple of years making the toilets unusable. Due to the impermeability and hardness of the soil, there is no leach field connected to the septic pits, so they must be pumped out when full.
Men pumping out a sewage pit with a large hose
When the septic pits are full the children are forced to use the jungle as their bathroom. In 2013 two girls were bitten by snakes (they have returned to good health). It costs about 1200 Ghanaian Dollars ($400 USD) to pump out the septic pits. The septic pits were last pumped out in August 2015.

Your sanitation-designated donation to the Akwakwaa Foundation will be accumulated to provide the funding to again pump out these septic tanks, probably in 2017. Faith Needy Children’s Home will provide the on-site administration to obtain the pumping service and follow up on the actual pump out.
A viw of the concrete walls and corugated metal roof of the outdoor children's toilets at the orphanage