The Smoothway (Afrifaith Foundation) Children’s Preschool is a non-government preschool located in whatever space the Headmaster (Mr. Sam) and his four teachers can find to teach in. They often have to relocate. Presently (2015) they are in the village of Gomoa Akeamu about 5 km west of Swedru, teaching in an abandoned building loaned to the Smoothway School by the local village Chief.
A woman with a blackboard teaches small children at several tables in a building with dirt floors, and a roof suspended above concrete block half walls
The school offers free transportation and free schooling to 50 children from local villages. Only about half of the children in the nearby villages attend school, and those that do attend these types of non-government schools. If this school were to go away these children would not receive any education.

The children are transported to and from school in a taxi with 15 kids each. The taxis sometimes must wait until police roadblocks are removed so as not to get caught with so many kids in the taxi. This transportation for outlying students currently costs $100 each month. The children are transported to and from their villages each day to the school where they receive meals and education.

Your donations to the Akwakwaa Foundation fund the teachers’ salaries. Each teacher earns 100 GH ($25) per month). The remainder of the expenses (food and transportation) are financed by personal contributions of the Headmaster (school principal), Mr. Sam Acquaye, from his existing government pension school retirement account, which is reaching depletion.